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9 December
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hey wud up y'all ok that's a little taste of my texan ghetto thing goin on but that's not really me. I'm Canadian and love it.(lol! Canadian Girls kick ass!!) I have a huge family (my mom is one of 13) so reunions are pretty crazy but awesome. I love all my cousins and we have a blast together!! Family is a huge part of my life but so are my best friends- Aubrey (my Suds and Scissors buddy and the Stafford loser lol jk jk),Allison(We sooo went on the bungee jump together! NNHS members for life!!), Mary (my tagsale buddy and fellow Mr. Cass hater!),Steph (joint custody of the battery! lol! 3rd member of NNHS!) Courtney(Spongebob rocks)and of course Alex and Morgan (Uconn would be so boring without you guys!!!! smell my apples!!!) and Suds and Scissors is important too!! I work there and they have become like my second family. Everyone is soooo awesome there. Hey if you feel like it come stop by and visit me! I'm a very optimistic person but don't worry I do get depressed once in a while I mean nobody's perfect. yeah so you kinda get the gist of me and my life in general. So there you go a little dose of me!!!!!!!

~ I'm addicted to Simple Plan ~

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